Our Story

Ken & Jame is a young Montreal company that designs jewelry. Our goal is to offer unique and quality jewelry at an affordable price.

Ken & Jame is the realization of a common dream between two friends, Kenza and Jamie, that of being an entrepreneur. Not only do we share the same passion for fashion, but we have been able to draw our creativity from each other's roots. Ken & Jame is therefore the result of our thirst for creativity, inspiration and an overflow of imagination.

Our Creative Process

Kenza and Jamie have surrounded themselves with an extraordinary team to help them achieve their ideas. The process begins with our team designing the jewelry here in Montreal. Once the designs are completed and approved, everything is passed on to our master jewelers in Indonesia.

Why Indonesia? It is a beautiful story that is intimately linked to the family of our founder, Kenza. Our team of jewelers has been part of her life since childhood. In the 80s, their families worked together in the manufacturing of jewelry. Her mother worked with the father and we work with the son, so it's a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Did you know?

Indonesia is known for their quality craftsmanship. This prestigious profession is valued and allows Indonesians to surpass themselves in terms of their creativity.

Manufacturing Process