Care Instructions


For 925 sterling silver jewelry:

If your silver jewelry oxidizes, it's important to note that it's perfectly normal for this to happen over time. It's not a question of poor quality, but a normal reaction due to the chemical composition of silver. However, the beauty of this metal is that there are several ways of cleaning it to restore its original brilliance.

Preserve your silver jewelry:

  • Store them in an airtight container, in a jewelry box or in the pouch provided to minimize contact with ambient air.
  • Store them in a dry, safe place.
  • Wearing your jewelry is the most effective way to prevent oxidation!

For 14k gold vermeil jewelry:

Our 14k gold vermeil jewelry has 3 microns of 14k gold on 925 Sterling silver. The industry maximum is 4 microns. However, it's important to understand that gold vermeil is not 100% pure gold, so care must be taken if you want to keep your jewelry sparkling.

It's also important to know that discoloration of gold is a possible process, and that various natural factors can be the cause, such as the acidity of the wearer's skin and lack of care.

Protect your 14k gold vermeil jewelry:

  • Avoid contact with water, creams, perfumes, antibacterial liquids, etc.
  • Remove your jewelry before engaging in physical activity.
  • Store in a dry place.

Our tip for cleaning jewelry:

  • We recommend a highly effective jewelry cleaner to revive jewelry and restore its original shine. Click here to order.

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