How it works

Discover the Trinket box by Ken & Jame, a unique concept that lets you personalize your jewelry and create a look that reflects your style! Thanks to our vast selection of hoops, chains, bracelets, charms and our latest creation: charms rings, you become the creator of your jewelry, and the possibilities are endless!

Step 1:
Select the base, whether it’s a pair of hoops, a chain, a bracelet, or a ring. It will be used as the starting point of your jewelry.

Step 2:
Choose the amount of charms you want in order to create a look that is 100% your own. We love a good mix and match, stacking or even a solo look. Whatever your style is just remember that each charm is sold individually, and not as a pair. 

Step 3: 
Add to your cart the necessary quantity of the Necklace and Bracelet Charm Adapter in order to be able to switch out your charms or simple to layer them to any chain or bracelet. Please note that our hoops do not require an adapter as the charms already designed to fit in them perfectly. 

Step 4:
That’s it, you have your new piece of jewelry that is truly your own. With over 50 charms, and more to come, there is no end to your creativity. 

Happy shopping!